My 5 strengths are:
Connectedness, Harmony, Empathy Ideation, Adaptability.

I am Mohsen (Mason) Amini


Who I am & what I do

Mohsen Amini

Life Coach
I am Mohsen ( Mason) Amini, I have been residing in California, USA since June of 1979.

I can connect to people, including strangers, naturally, building trust and credibility. I have been an Entrepreneur for the past 40 Years. I am a heavy believer in teamwork.

I have visited 15 countries. My passion is Learning and Teaching / Coaching. My hobbies are: Reading, hiking and playing music. I am very People Oriented. I am fluent in English & Farsi.

I am a proud Landmark Education Graduate, I learned the Curriculum for Living. Landmark Education is a Transformational, rich body of Education. Landmark Education is like a global university and the field of study is “HUMAN LIFE”. Those who graduated from Landmark Education, live a TRANSFORMED LIFE. What it means is that they live LIFE BY DESIGN, NOT A LIFE GIVEN TO THEM BY THEIR PAST. I am able to learn complicated subjects and teach others with fun and play.

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Mohsen (Mason) Amini

Irvine California USA


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